Bay Area Birth Justice Fair Summer 2014. Breastfeeding, A gift for Life!

Urban Montessori Charter School 5328 Brann Street, Oakland, CA 94619

BirthWorkers’ Ball A Family Dance and Fundraiser!

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation

Sunday June 5, 2016
4 – 8 PM
Oakland Peace Center
111 Fairmont Ave
Oakland, CA
Join us for an afternoon of :
Dancing !
Kids Activities!
And Music donated by amazing Bay Area Dee Jays!!!
The Birthworker’s Ball is a fundraising dance party to support the work of:
Oakland Better Birth Foundation and Shiphrah’s Circle Community Doula Program!
General Community 20.00 – 75.00 / family sliding scale
Oakland Better Birth Foundation Members admission 10.00 – 50.00 /family
For membership information contact Samsarah Morgan at 510-595-5534
Needed: vendors, healers, teachers anyone whose work supports and educates pregnant and parentign families! Call Samsarah (number above) to sponsor a full or 1/2 table!
Let’s dance – for birth!
To know more about Oakland Better Birth Foundation go to:
Tickets will be available at the door – pre-registration allows…

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Grand Opening of Shiphrah’s Circle!

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation

You are warmly invited to join us as we celebrate the grand opening of our community doula program, Shiphrah’s Circle!  We will also honoring International Midwives Day!

May 5th 2016 at Sole Space, Oakland CA

See the Facebook invite for details! RSVP there or respond to this post..!

All birthworkers, families and friends are invited!

Shiphrahs circle flyer 42516

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Event – Oakland Remembers Our Lost Babies 9/27/15

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation


Septenber is Infant Mortality Awareness Month.

Let us gather to remember Oakland’s children who did not live to see their first birthday.

And let us learn the steps we can take as a community to make infant mortality a very rare experience!

Please bring :

a candle
food to share
a story, poem or art work in memory of a lost young one.

What we will do:

we will gather and share lunch together
we will listen to each other
share with each other
share resources and
have a moment of silence – to honor our beloved baby ancestors
and create a community of respect and support.

Who should attend:
All Oakland/ East Bay Citizens
Any one who has lost a child, via miscarriage, still birth or crib death – and loss before its first birthday.

Please wear white.
See you then!

Questions? Please contact Samsarah Morgan ED Oakland Better…

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Bay Area Birth Justice Fair and The Oakland Better Birth Foundation Present. Oakland Breastfeeding Festival!


MEDIA RELEASE – Sunday, August 30th, 2:00pm-6:00pm
Oakland’s Breastfeeding Festival

On Sunday, August 30th, from 2:00pm until 6:00pm, Hosted by The Better Birth Foundation and Bay Area Birth Justice Fair, Oakland will have its first Annual Oakland’s Breastfeeding Festival in celebration of World Breastfeeding Month, and Black Breastfeeding Week. This event will highlight Oakland’s needs for support, community, and education in breastfeeding for ALL breastfeeding moms and their supporters. There will be a number of speakers, food trucks, as well as a number of local CLEC’s to provide information and support. Also, at 3:00pm, we will all breastfeed together in a communal “Latch On” to mark a moment of community, awareness, and support for breastfeeding and its benefits. Oakland’s BFF is providing the opportunity for breastfeeding women to get together in our community, and identify opportunities for on-going support. For more information, visit our events page at

Oakland’s BFF will take place at Lake Merritt’s “Kids Kingdom” located next to the Rotary Nature Center at Lake Merritt, on the lake side of Bellevue Avenue (between Staten Avenue and Perkins Street) in Oakland. The festival will begin at 2:00pm, with a communal “latch on’ at 3:00pm, and ending at 6:00pm.

On August 2001, to raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding and the need for global support, United States Breastfeeding Committee declared August, World Breastfeeding Month. During World Breastfeeding Month, several events take place both nationally and on a global scale. All of which provide, support, education, and global goals for breastfeeding and its benefits.

The final week of August also marks Black Breastfeeding Week. This is a monumental movement in its third year brings awareness to the gaping racial disparity in breastfeeding rates. According to the CDC, “Black infants consistently had the lowest rates of breastfeeding initiation and duration across all study years” ( “Of infants born in 2011, 49% were breastfeeding at 6 months and 27% at 12 months. African American Infants in 2011, 35% were breastfeeding at 6 months, and 16% at 12 months” ( This movement’s goals and the women that founded its direction are calling attention to the nation that support, education, and change is needed to bring up breastfeeding rates. Please visit for more information.

Breastfeeding contributes to the normal growth and development of babies/children, and babies/children who are not breastfed are at increased risk of infant morbidity and mortality, adult obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and premenopausal breast cancer and ovarian cancer (both mom and baby.) The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of a baby’s life to optimize these benefits, continuing to breastfeed for 2 years and as long thereafter as is mutually desired by a woman and her child.
For more information:
Laura Cox,, 831-229-9947
Samsabreastfeeding twins black mommyrah Morgan,, 510-393-7380


Remembering Sandy Hook, and all the worlds children!

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation


Today is the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation wishes to call for a moment of silent remembrance the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Lets remember the children who were slain, the brave educators and other adults who risked their lives to secure the safety of young ones.

Let us remember and send love to the grieving families of the slain children and educators.

And may we continue to work with out ceasing until we live in a world where no child, anywhere, needs to fear violence invading their classroom.

Samsarah Morgan, Executive Director

Please spread this event.  Join us on Face Book!

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A word to the life bringers 11.24.14 as the events unfold in Ferguson MO and across the country

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation

Pregnant mommas, especially pregnant mommas of color. I am going to make a very hard request of you, For the sake of your heart and that of your unborn child (especially if you know your baby is a boy. Get off face book and turn off the TV. Take a warm bath and try to rest – let your village fight for you as you do us the honor of bring the next generation into the world . your baby can be very negatively affected by your fears and concerns – and this doesn’t meant hat your stick your head in the sand – but pace yourself with the intensity thats flowing in your country tonight.
I love you and want you to have the blessing of a well born child.
Talk to your baby and assure him or her that you love it ….And that it is safe with…

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On Ferguson 11.24.14

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation

you deserve

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation, rises in support with the protestors in Oakland Ca., Ferguson MO and New York, NY.. We decry the decsion to not even dignify the Michael Brown killing with a trial. We see this as a slap in the face to families of color in this country and to any citizen who truly values justice. Our prayers are with the family and friends of Michael Brown and others on the eveer growing list of black brown and poor youth killed by criminal police officers.
Samsarah Morgan, Executive Director , Tess Clabby, Xandrea Sanford, Alexandra Thomas – Board Members and volunteers

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Our 2014 Fair Sponsors!

Sponsor List

The Sacred Birth Angels Foundation

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation –

Pacifica Maternity Center –

Nia Healing Center for Birth and Family Life –

Alternative Delectable Delights

Breastfeeding USA

Birth Professionals of the Bay Area
Bay Area Birth Keeper Doulas

We extend our gratitude to the above organizations and birth workers for their work serving pregnant and birthing families, and the Birth worker community.


Our Agenda, Summer 2014 Birth Justice Fair


Vendor / Sponsor Set up 12 noon
Opening Circle
Good Birth Keeper Award Presentation 1pm
Presentation: Tongue Tie – a breastfeeding challenge and triumph
Mom Shauna Wiley, and Breastfeeding consultant, Peggy Hinkle discuss this common but very much misdiagnosed breastfeeding challenge. 1:30pm

Thermomagraphy – Dr Nancy Gardner with educate about an exciting, holistic and noninvasive tool for screening of the breasts as well as health in the entire body. 2:15pm
Children’s Yoga with Carmen will begin in children’s space at 3:00 pm

The Panel: 3:30 pm
Parents and experts discuss the importance and challenges of breastfeeding and answer audience questions!
Panel end and set up for film commences 5:30pm
Short Music Video and discussion “Teach me how to Breastfeed” 6:00 pm
Lactation Consultant TaNafer Lumukanda (Highland Hospital)
Gives us the back story on her historic video!
Film: The Milky Way 6:30 pm
This documentary explores the challenges and benefits for breastfeeding in modern American culture.
Food will be available for purchase throughout the event.
Popcorn will be available for sale during the film and video showing.
We thank you for sharing this day with us. Please be sure that you have signed in to receive notice of future events!
Please feel free to live tweet our day hashtag bayareabirthjusticefair2014

babf breastfeeding 2014 possible

Press Release for our Summer 2014 Birth Justice Fair – Please help us Spread the word – Last miute call for vendors!

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation


Samsarah Morgan, Founder, Birth Professionals of the Bay Area 510-496-3491

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Summer 2014 Bay Area Birth Justice Fair Aims To Reduce Maternal Mortality

“Breastfeeding: A Gift For Life!” to celebrate breast health and breast feeding

Oakland, CA – July 16, 2014 — “Breastfeeding – A Gift For Life” the Summer 2014 Bay Area Birth Justice Fair will take place Sunday August 3, 2014 at Urban Montessori Charter School, 5328 Brann Street in Oakland from 1 – 6 pm. The event includes a silent auction, food, and activities for children. Admission is free.

The Birth Justice Fair’s featured speaker will be Dr. Nancy Gardner who will present on breast health, holistic alternatives to mammography such as thermography, ways to lower your risk factors for breast cancer, and self breast exams. Professional lactation consultants, birth, and women’s health workers will discuss the benefits of breastfeeding for…

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