Bay Area Birth Justice Fair Summer 2014. Breastfeeding, A gift for Life!

Urban Montessori Charter School 5328 Brann Street, Oakland, CA 94619

Committee Member Highlight – Cara Judea Alhadeff

Committee member Highlight – Cara Judea Alhadeff

Cara Judea Alhadeff began teaching in 1998 and soon after completed the Advanced Studies Teacher Training Program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute. Her background in cultural anthropology, Hindu mythology, Buddhist psychology and human physiology enhance both how she teaches and how she learns. Her injury-prevention approach to yoga combines body awareness of weight, energy, and strength distribution. Internationally, she teaches yoga workshops andand trains yoga teachers in Seoul, South Korea. Cara Judea has written extensively on the connection between Iyengar yoga and the visual arts. Her teaching specialties range from yoga for athletes/dancers to clients with neurological disorders to restorative yoga. Through a practice of playful self-inquiry, she hopes to help students both challenge and respect the possibility of moving beyond mental and physical limitations. Her teaching has been deeply influenced by Dean Lerner and by Judith Lasater’s research on the therapeutic aspects of Yoga and psycho-anatomy.


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