Bay Area Birth Justice Fair Summer 2014. Breastfeeding, A gift for Life!

Urban Montessori Charter School 5328 Brann Street, Oakland, CA 94619

Dr. Lauren Clum of The Specific Chiropractic Center is a sponsor and will host a table!

Image, an inviting space dedicated to facilitating Oakland chiropractic health and healing. Dr. Lauren Clum, DC, and Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC, know that our natural state as humans is one of health, and our Oakland chiropractor wants to reconnect you with that natural state. You see, our bodies are amazingly capable of healing, so long as all of the systems of the body are working synergistically together.
Here at The Specific Chiropractic Center, our Oakland chiropractor utilizes cutting edge technology, including computerized infrared thermography and laser-aligned digital x-ray, to determine if and how you’re disconnected from that natural state of health. Then, we provide very specific Oakland chiropractic care in order to keep you moving toward ease, health and wholeness, and away from disease, dysfunction and conditions.

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