Bay Area Birth Justice Fair Summer 2014. Breastfeeding, A gift for Life!

Urban Montessori Charter School 5328 Brann Street, Oakland, CA 94619

2pm panel – Why are mothers and babies dying? How can this be prevented?

After our Keynote address and questions and answer period, our next event will be a panel.

 Panel: why are our mothers and babies dying? How can this be prevented?

Moderator: L. Samsarah Morgan, DD Cht – minister, counselor, apprentice midwife hypnotherapist, doula and family life educator, and founding member of decolonize pregnancy birth and parenting caucus of Occupy Oakland

Panelists: Selena Green CPM LM, midwife and owner of the Sacred Birth Place, free standing birth center in Oakland, Ca

MADELINE ODEN is currently the Executive Chairperson of The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation, the Chairperson of the Maternal, Child Health subcommittee of the Alameda County Public Health (ACPH) Commission in California, and a commissioner on the ACPH Commission. She has been a certified practicing doula.

Gingi Allen – mother, doula, apprentice midwife, who as a full-time mother,  felt called  to the women in her  community and began facilitating  women’s monthly multigenerational womb wellness circles.

Monique Sims  – A mother of 2 boys whose career history includes serving as a Supervising Public Health Nutritionist for the Vallejo WIC Program and as Manager for La Clinica North Vallejo.

Molly Arthur -Molly is a native San Franciscan; She is the inspiration behind EcoBirth whose vision is -Relating earth and birth- caring for one natural life so we will all be well. Her focus is on inspiring women to change our culture’s story to compassion for the environments of Earth and Birth and to impel social change to sustain healthy, caring humans and a healed earth home.




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