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Welcome to our first Blog!

Citizens Against CPS

Our first Blog consists of a list of Grotesque Legal Violations that Children Protective Services “CPS” committed in one particular case out of Michigan Grand Traverse County to Terminate an loving young mother’s Parental Rights.

This occurred during a rare visit to her estranged family’s house, her younger estranged sister had just been hired as a CPS case worker, one month prior.

Mother Patricia Mitchell was self made; raised in a small town, worked odds jobs to save up, and left that house at the age of 17, residing several hours away in Rochester Michigan.   Her birth mother Virgline Mitchell, a violent & emotionally unstable woman, who rejected her daughter Patricia at the age of 2, when the doctors told the uneducated Virgline, that little “Patti,” had a serious hip deformity requiring years of surgeries, years of body casts, leg casts & years of corrective steel bars on her legs…

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