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Fall forum vendor spotlight – Needa , The Lumpia Lady!

We are overjoyed that Needa is providing the tasty treats for our luncheon!

Her menu is filled with wholesome and home cooked foods, she provides vegetarian options and her menu price ranges from 1.00- 10.00 per item 🙂



Birth Justice Forum Fall 2013 – Vendor Sponsor Information

Bay Area Birth Justice Forum – Fall 2013

Circumcision of Boys and Girls – What Parents Should Know

November 2nd       11AM-3PM

West Oakland Family Resource Center

991 14th St. Building H, Oakland, California 94607

Hello and thank you for considering sponsorship of our fundraising event.  Bay Area Birth Justice is proud to present a forum on one of the many important topics facing today’s parents: Circumcision/Genital Alteration.  This would be a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your practice and/or family-related goods and services.  Our past events have been well attended and powerful and we look forward to your participation.

This forum’s focus is the body integrity of children: Who decides what is removed from our children’s bodies and why?  What are the pros, cons, benefits and/or risks?

The forum will feature members of the Bay Area Intactivists and other birth workers and educators who will discuss the controversy regarding the circumcision of both boys and girls in this country and worldwide. One of our featured speakers will be Tora Springer, an RN and Labor & Delivery nurse at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, CA. For a complete listing of featured speakers and panelists, please visit

This event is a fundraiser for The Oakland Better Birth Foundation.

Our Mission Statement:

To expand the conversation around reproductive choices and to address the appalling rate of infant and maternal mortality in the City of Oakland as well as the County of Alameda in its entirety.

To promote and educate the public about the vital role of traditional midwifery services and securing good birth outcomes for all women and especially women of color.

To provide financial support and education to those wishing to avail themselves traditional midwifery and doula services as well as other traditional health practitioners historically shown to support and improve birth outcome.

To provide financial support and mentoring to those wishing to pursue a career as a traditional midwife, doula or childbirth educator.

To address the mental, emotional and spiritual concerns that arise on our parenting/child rearing journey, by providing therapeutic services, educational workshops and skill building for children, couples, parents and families, individually or in groups, at affordable prices.

Sponsor a table or be a part of our event:

Sponsor a table:        full table      $ 175.00

                half table    $   88.00

                doula table      $   25.00

Vendor/Craftsperson:        20% of proceeds

Provide items for our

goody bag                                         $ 25.00        provide items for 100 bags

Donate an item/service

for the silent auction                                     No charge

For your convenience, online payments via PayPal are accepted

Payment address:

We look forward to your support as we work to bring Oakland and Bay Area families and

parents the most cutting edge and evidence-based information affecting pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Kind regards,

Samarah Morgan

Tara Miller

Ann Wenzell

Xandrea Sanford

Birth Justice Fair/Forum Planning CommitteeImage

Will There be childcare?! Yes!!!

There will be a wonderful day planned for our little one s – no Charge!!!

Detail will be posted on this tomorrow!  Check back again!Image

Invitation to Vendors, Sponsors and for Donations!

birth justice

Bay Area Birth Justice Fair

April 6, 2013

West Oakland Family Resource Center

11 M – 5 PM

Hello and thank you!

Allow us to introduce ourselves; we are the Occupy/Decolonize Pregnancy Birth and Parenting Caucus of Occupy Oakland.

Last year we help and event call the Bay Area Birth Justice Fair – our focus them was to focus on the very high rate of infant mortality in Alameda County.  We also held a blessing ceremony for mothers who had experienced the loss of a young one under one year of age. It was a beautiful and heartfelt event, and we were blessed to share with the parents of Oakland – the causes and possible preventions of the heart break of early infant death.

This year’s focus is:  Empowered Birth is a Human Right.  We will be sharing information to assist families in making choices in birthing with uplift and empower women and men to be focused and engaged parents!

This year’s fair will raise funds to assist Bay Area Families who wish to birth in either of our local birth centers or engage a midwife for the option of home birth.  Empowerment means that families as free to birth in the environment and with the caregivers of their choice!  Funds will also be allocated towards the Creation of the Oakland Better Birth Fund, this fund will continue the work of education, services, and financial assistance to families seeking to birth their children in as natural a setting as possible.  Studies show that natural birth, without the unnecessary use of medications and surgeries, lead to healthier children and mothers with a lower instance of postpartum depression.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Your business can host a table at our event. (150.00)
  • Your business can have an add in our event program (45.00 – free if you have a table)
  • You can donate food to our community food pantry.
  • You can donate clothing to our mommas and babies clothing swap!
  • Donate and item to our silent auction!
  • You can help us spread the word about our event by allowing us to post a poster or flyer in your store, as soon as they are available!

Please let our outreach coordinator, Tara Miller, assist you – let us know how we can make your decision to support the families of Oakland easier!

Tara can be reached on 510 918 2912. Email:

We thank you in advance for your commitment to Oakland’s future!

Bay Area Birth Justice Fair Planning Committee

Samsarah Morgan

Tara Miller

Xandrea Treistman

To see a video from last year’s fair, visit:

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